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TorqueVision – Providing Innovative, AI Driven Solutions to Companies, Enterprise, and You!

We develop personalized AI solutions, Data Analytics Solutions, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning Algorithms, Solutions that add value to clients.

Our Solutions enable you to Search, Observe, Comprehend, and get Insights lying dormant in your Data. The Valuable Insights can change the course of your business, achieve higher goals and fulfil the purpose for which you hired us.


why TorqueVision

There several reasons for you to be interested in TorqueVision, like:

• Expert & Experienced Team of AI Engineers, Data-Scientists
• Proven track-record with happy clients and companies
• Various complex projects accomplished
• Using Innovative Technologies and Solutions

And the fact that we provide Enterprise-Class as well as personalized solutions.
Our solutions have helped a lot of clients and we are sure we can provide value to you as well.

Real Time Analytics

The times of waiting for your statistics are over. Real Time Analytics converts the results of several important events into coherent information within a second. You will be able to access received data the moment it happen.

More data means better output.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible. It can understand natural languages and interact with us by reading, writing, listening and speaking. By progressing the data from these interactions, it continuously learns and improves itself.

Computer Vision

Let the computer work for you. Every new image is added to the data pool and contributes to the autonomous learning process.

We develop solutions for real-world day-to-day Problems. Solving your problems from scratch.

Image Classification

Audio based classification

Time Series Modeling

Question/Answer Bot

Text Classification

Recommendation System

Object Tracking

Anomaly Detection

Pose Detection

Semantic Segmentation

Object Detection

Augmented Reality


our work

Some of the many solutions our clients are happy with.

sports analysis

Computer vision based sports analysis.

We design, build, and implement top notch solutions with agile advisory services, supreme advanced analytics, and robust technology platform that helps sports bodies, athletes, teams, brands, broadcasters and media achieve better outcomes and we create epic results for our clients around the globe.


Chatbot development for a smarter and efficient workflow.

BotsCrew displayed the utmost professionalism, providing updates whenever required and mitigating time-zone dependent scheduling issues. Customers can expect comprehensive support, even post-delivery.


Computer vision in health care.

Our unique composite measure of engagement assesses individual risk and predicts patient outcome. we do research on Biotechnology, Diagnostics etc.

Analytics tool

Get valuable insights from user interactions and data around the globe.

Millions of items/products are uploaded over thousands of e-commerce sites, Torque vision provides the key data, trends and insights you need to drive your business strategy and growth. We have pioneered cutting edge data analytics to augment business trades and sell experience.

Real time COVID 19 status Dashboard

Keeping up-to-date with Covid-19 can be difficult.

In the midst of crisis its not only the numbers you can rely on. TorqueVision has developed a solution. Our Dashboard Application contains information of hospitals near you, urgent-care facilities.We are constantly adding features to you stay ahead and stay safe in this Global Pandemic.

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